Valentines Day Puppy 5 Pack


Ingredients: whole wheat flour, natural peanut butter, skim milk, local honey, baking powder, cinnamon, carob chips

Guaranteed Analysis: ash 3.1%, crude fiber 2.2%, crude protein 21.0%, fat 20%, moisture 10.4%

Icing Ingredients: tapioca starch, maltodextrin, dextrose, titanium dioxide

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 0.0%, crude fat 0.0%, crude fiber 0.0%,


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Go ahead show your dog some love on Valentines Day! Spoil your pooch with this 5 pack treat bag. Included in this pack is 1 peanut butter heart cookie, 2 cinnamon rolls, and 3 carob chip cookies.

Your dog will surely love these treats!


Pet treats should not replace a balanced meal. Give only as a treat. Treats are slow baked and do good in a treat jar and stored in a cool dry place . You can freeze treats to give them as a cool treat on hot days as well.  All treats are preservative free.


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